why video?

Video is no longer the preserve of the wealthy corporate company

Video has become, via YouTube, the second most popular way to search for products and services after Google. So it is little surprise that many people have already jumped on board to promote their wares.

Video is possibly the best medium to get the personalised side of your business across in as brief and effective a way as possible. You will also be able to access a larger portion of your target market too.


There’s two types of people. One type reads, the other type views. Which is why it is important to get a video on to your site.

If you’re a business, or a blogger, there’s no reason why you should limit yourself to just one group of people.

Makes sense, too.

If you hit both groups, you’ll get more traffic, make more sales, and help out more people

A video gets right to the very heart of the message in an instant. And if your sales message is good then your product sales will surely start rising.

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Video is more accessible than ever before and it will become even more so as people and small businesses realise that this once expensive luxury is surprisingly affordable.

Cost has historically been a barrier to such advertising  for SMEs and sole traders and for larger companies budget was always a consideration  for the type and the length of the video.

It has now become a matter of capacity and capability.

As for capacity, you need little more than a decent home broadband connection, a fairly standard mobile phone with camera, a decent microphone (an IPhone can be good enough) and a decent script. That’s it!

At least, that’s it as far as basic costs go. Remember, this is going to be published and if your video turns out to be embarrassingly naff you could do more harm than good.


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