types of video

We produce a range of videos that are suited for most professional practice budgets.


3D Animation and Marketing Videos

We have the expertise to produce marketing/web videos for your business or project at the right cost. 3D Animations to Show off your Products

The following video was produced for Wärtsilä – a global leader in complete lifecycle power solutions for the marine and energy markets. The video was created using FreeCAD to convert customer supplied models into a suitable formats. Blender 3D software was used to modify the models, and apply materials and textures and then perform the 3D animation and rendering. Adobe After Effects was then used to add special effects and 2D textual animations.


Presenter Led Video The following example shows some simple effects that can be achieved using a presenter against a white background with interactive text and animation to get your message across and to lead the viewer towards more content on your website. This version is created in flash but similar videos can be created in html5 or other technologies which suit mobile and tablet platforms.


VOICE OVER VIDEO It’s not always necessary to have a filmed video of a subject matter. The following example is graphic orientated with a Professional Voice Over Artist adding the necessary quality to the project.


We have the exceptional talent of Maria Nova Lopez on our team, a young film maker who studied her craft at the world renowned Barcelona School of Cinema.Maria’s work, some of which is show cased on this website, is characterised by her intelligent thoughtfulness about her subject matter.

With the rest of our creative team we can supply any type of promotional video for you which will ensure that your product or service will be reflected in a truly unique and professional way.

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