Most companies invest heavily in PPC, SEO and Social Media Marketing to drive traffic to their website. However, between 80-95% of all of the traffic that visits your website will never contact you. We use the latest Web Analytics software to identify up to 40% of visitors to your website.

You will be able to see where they have come from and which pages they visited. This will give you or your sales team powerful advantages when making an introduction. Read more below.

How does it work?

The Web Analytics software we use has the largest UK database of IP addresses. By adding a single line of Web Analytics code to your website, we can identify approximately 40% of all of the companies that visit your website via organic traffic or your PPC campaign with us. We’ll be able to see what they searched for, where they came from and what pages they looked at.


Benefits of Web Analytics

The Web Analytics software allows you to automatically send an alert to a Telemarketing team telling them:

A company has just visited your site

The name of the company

The pages they visited

The lead score (this can be set up based on the number of pages they have visited)

The Telemarketing team can then log in to the Web Analytics software and identify:

The company web address

The LinkedIn profile where available

Web Analytics software gives you the opportunity to maximise the ROI on your digital spend by producing a regular flow of warm leads. As an example, if your site gets 100 visits, you might expect to get 2-3 inbound enquiries. With our Web Analytics software you’ll be able to identify between 25%-40% of your visitors giving your telemarketing team 40 hot call backs.


We are offering a 14 day free trial of our Web Analytics software so you can see it in action.

So call us today to get your trial under way.